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azura Digital Hot Air Fryer 1400 W 3 l Black

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Product description

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle but can’t resist a guilty pleasure every now and again? Prepare your snacks in this hot air fryer which requires little to no fat. Also perfect to grill meat and vegetables which makes it a perfect upgrade to your kitchen equipment. 
With 6 preset programmes, this hot air fryer provides an easy of use to cook any food to perfection. 
This digital hot air fryer contains 6 preset programmes; cooking any type of food to perfection has never been so easy.


• High-speed hot-air circulation technology for fast and low-fat cooking
• Max. cooking capacity of up to 1 kg, depending on the type of food
• 6 preset programs
• Dishwasher-safe parts with non-stick coating for easy cleaning
• Adjustable thermostat for optimal temperature control
• 60-minute timer with ready signal for a care-free cooking experience
• Convenient power cable storage to save space
• Anti-skid rubber feet providing maximum safety
• Fits perfectly in a healthy and low-fat lifestyle

Package contents

1x digital hot air fryer

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