Chromebook Your Ultimate Choice of Laptop


Chromebook is well known as the light and cheap laptop that runs on Google ChromeOS operating system. What is ChromeOS, and why is it cheap? ChromeOS is a lightweight operating system that is not a fully feature as windows 10 and macOS. With ChromeOS, you are only limited to Chrome apps and online apps through the Google chrome browser such as Google Docs. With Chromebook, all your programs must come from Google Play store. The good thing is, modern applications have many different versions of android apps that give Google chrome users huge access to programs such as office suites; Microsoft office to photo editors and even games, leaving no user out of the loop.

The Design

Chromebook laptops are classed as the most lightweight laptops to have, making it very portable to carry around for that busy office duties and catch up with all school runs. If you are looking to buy a good laptop but you’re working on a very strict budget, then Chromebook laptop is the right choice for you. Designed to carry the name Google Chromebook, however, manufactures’ such as Samsung and Acer where the first to leased the first Chromebook. Other manufacturers like Dell, HP and ASUS all jumped on the bandwagon.


Key Features

Before Chrome laptops got first released, they relied heavenly on internet connection to use most of its apps. Thanks to Android, now many of these apps can be run without any internet connectivity but still limited than Windows 10 and macOS.One thing we need to take into consideration is that because Chrome laptops source their programs from Google Play, there is easy access to vast majority of programs to download at a single click.How this benefit you as a user? You do not have to basically spend all your time searching the internet to buy programs to use. This saves you tremendous amount of time and money. And, also saves you large amount of hard drive space. That is why Chromebook users do not have to worry about bigger hard drive capacity.


If you are very concern about your presence on the internet because of virus, which I believe you do as a student researcher, online game player, video streamer etc. Google chromebook laptops your ultimate choice       Then Chrome book laptop is  best for you. It is believed that Chrome laptops are less prone to virus and malware infection because ChromOS is automatically updated with the latest security patches to keep you safe and secure. As a web surfer, video streamer or internet game player you are safe online when you use chrome laptops. It is also known that chrome laptops do not require powerful hardware to run and it can use hardware that Windows 10 or macOS would struggle to run on, keeping the overhead price down.  

Before you go, just to let you know that not all chrome is created equally.  Some chrome laptops are powerful than others and they attract premium prices. A very good example is Google Pixel book a premium devices that shows that a Chrome book laptop can be as powerful and as beautifully designed as any Mac Book or Windows laptop, and just as expensive. To know more about Chromebook laptop, visit