No-Contact Delivery What It Means To You

The recent wide spread of COVID-19 across the globe has forced many establishments to close and caused a change in the delivery system.  The most important reason of this new delivery style is to stop the spread of the virus which will help sustain the business. The new delivery system is outlined in detail below.

What is No-Contact Delivery?

No contact delivery in a  knot shell is all about delivery the item to your door, curbside, or in a safe location specified by the customer rather than ringing the bell or knocking the door and having the item change hands directly. This is a direct opposite to the usual conservative style of delivery. The similarity here is the fact that you place your order the same way you do but however, you are either asked to specified a place to leave your package or knock at your door and leave package in front of your door making sure two meter distance is left and driver wearing gloves.

In order to facilitate no-contact delivery, payment must be made over the phone, through a website, or a third-party app, since the delivery person will not be interacting directly with the customer to take payment.


What We Are Doing To Help:

  • We are consistently following guidance recommended by our NHS and making sure to implement these preventative measures as best as possible.
  • We have increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures across all of our in-house facilities, including regular deep cleanings, more frequent hand-washing and use of sanitizer, and cleaning all equipment between uses.
  • We have taken different steps to help employees maintain proper social distancing. This include making sure distances are allowed between working spaces .
  • We have implemented a no-contact delivery experience wherever possible to keep our drivers and customers safe (See how you can help us create a no-contact delivery experience below).

What To Expect:

 All our deliveries will operate on schedule (delays caused by local regulations are possible), and we’re taking extra precautions to protect our customers and partners delivery drivers.For us to ensure a no-contact delivery experience, we are offering curbside and doorstep deliveries only. Here are some additional steps we can take together:

  • Our delivery teams will maintain a distance of 1.5 - 2 meters when possible. We ask that you support our efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy by maintaining this distance as well.
  • In our warehouse facility and delivery operations, we have increased our daily cleaning routines, including more frequent hand washing, use of sanitizer, and cleaning of equipment.
  • Our drivers are constantly using hand sanitizer and/or soap between all deliveries. They will refrain from offering the typical handshake out of respect and caution for all.
  • We will limit the need for signatures wherever possible.