Which Computer Is Best for work, school or gaming?

Buying a computer can be a shoulder pain if you're unfamiliar with computers and computer component but never worry as this guide will talk you through all the different types of computers you can think of.


Tower computers


These are desktop computers that do not come with any additional components like monitor, mouse, keyboard and speaker.

They are standalone computers that need additional features to work with.

They’re great on any budget looking for increased power. Also, provide room to expand if the existing component does not meet your current needs. That means you can replace your old memory with a more powerful or bigger memory or replace the HDD with a bigger HDD.

Tower computers are easy to repair if you encounter problem and fit well around children.

They come in different sizes and brands. Brands to look out for your tower computers are: Lenovo, Asus, Dell and Toshiba.

Don’t forget, you will still need a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to operate.



All-in-one desktop computers


They are designed to improve performance and reduce time wastage during set up.

Combines computer, monitor and speakers into one system

Also designed to mirror of some of laptop features such as touch screen functionality making it ideal for creative work.

They come in different popular brands such as Lenovo, Asus, Dell, HP and Apple iMac

All-in-one desktop computers are perfect for small budget as it is often come with keyboard, mouse and monitor to bring cost done.



Gaming computers


Gaming computers can come as a tower or as all-in-one computer.

There are powerful and high-performance graphic cards and large amounts of RAM installed to play all the latest games.

Because of the higher demand of high performance graphics for modern games only certain graphic cards are recommended depending on the type of games you intend to play. Most popular graphic cards include Nvidia, Ryan and intel irex.