König MP3 player with loudspeaker

Always take your favourite music with you and listen to it wherever you are with this portable USB speaker. The speaker contains a Micro SD card slot, to enable you to play music from a memory card. It also contains a USB connection. The control buttons on the side enable you to play/stop, fast forward/rewind the music and control the volume. The bottom of the speaker is lightened up by a blue LED light.

  • CSPSP100BLBlack
  • CSPSP100SISilver
  • CSPSP100BUBlue
  • CSPSP100PIPink
König portable USB speaker

Portable mini speaker system which you can easily connect via USB and a mini jack connector. The speakers produce a rich bass sound and support 3D sound technology over a 2.0 channel. The compact size makes them easy to take along and use wherever you are.

  • CS20SPS100YEYellow
  • CS20SPS100BUBlue

Great coverage and excellent reception with DAB+ radio

König retro radio DAB+

This retro design radio with integrated DAB+ technology gives you all the benefi ts of digital radio reception. Store presets and listen to your favourite radio stations anytime, anywhere in the best possible quality. The aux input enables you to play music from your own (smart) media device. The integrated 3.5 mm jack output will even let you enjoy music with your headphones.

  • HAV-TR900BLBlack
  • HAV-TR900BEIvory
König retro radio with Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • HAV-TR800BLBlack
  • HAV-TR800BEIvory
König retro design AM/FM radio

Radio with retro design and large rotating dial scale with big city frequencies on it. You can choose between the AM and FM band. It has a volume control and tone control knob. The tone control knob enables you adjust the sound clarity.

  • HAV-TR710BEIvory
  • HAV-TR710BUBlue
  • HAV-TR710BLBlack
  • HAV-TR710PIPink
  • HAV-TR710BRBrown