Beko TBV8104BX Vacuum Blender

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By removing air from the jar before blending, this vacuum blender preserves the nutrients, colour and taste of your ingredients for longer. This means that you'll be able to prepare your smoothie in the evening, and still enjoy all the health benefits the next day.

Vacuum Blending Technology

If you love making smoothies and juices, but worry about losing the nutrients in your ingredients, our vacuum blending technology removes air from the jar before blending to prevent nutrient loss caused by oxidation. This helps retain the vitamins, colour and taste of your ingredients for longer, so you can enjoy fresh-tasting, healthy smoothies the day after you prepare them.

Maximum Nutrient Retention

Helping you enjoy the health benefits of your fruit and veg for longer, vacuum blending technology reduces oxidation to retain up to 40% more Vitamin C in your ingredients, while locking in extra fibre content too. This means that if you prepare a smoothie in the evening and store in the fridge in an airtight container, it will still be fresh and packed with nutrition the next day.

Fresh Taste and Colour

By keeping the bright colour and fresh taste of your ingredients for longer, vacuum blending technology helps you enjoy smoothies and juices that look as great as they taste. Instead of separating, your blends will stay smooth and clear, even the day after you make them in a sealed jug or mug in the fridge.

Six Programmes

Whether you're crushing ice, making a tangy sauce, blending up a healthy breakfast smoothie or cleaning the jug after use, our vacuum blender comes with six programmes to suit your needs. For each programme, you can choose between vacuum blending or normal blending. And, for even more flexibility, you can pick between a selection of speed settings too.

Power (watts) 1000
Speed Settings Variable
Vacuum Technology Yes
Blender System 6 blade cyclonic
Pulse Yes
Chopper System 6 blade cyclonic
Programmes 6
Blender jug Tritan
Capacity 1.5 L
Removable blades Yes